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Scrap Car Prices

One of the first things you’re likely to ask yourself when thinking about selling your car is “how much money will I get?” Well, if you want to know the value of your used or unwanted car, look no further than A&L Scrap Car Dealers! Our scrap metal specialists analyse worldwide markets—as well as other variables, such as the condition of your vehicle—to offer you the best scrap car prices around.

How much is a scrap car worth?

Scrap car prices are determined by a wide variety of factors—some of which you can control, others not so much. Here are some of the things we take into consideration when calculating the value of your vehicle:

The make, model and age of your car
The size and weight of your car
Your location and distance from us
Whether your car is damaged / has parts missing
The current state of the scrap metal market

All of the above factors influence how much money you will receive when you scrap your car. We can assure you, however, that no matter what condition or state your car is in, we will offer you the best possible price! To get started on your FREE, no-obligation scrap car quote, simply click the button below.

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