Sell Your MOT Failure

There’s never a good time for a car to fail its MOT. Sometimes it’s a problem that can be solved with a few minor fixes, but if you’re unlucky, you may find yourself faced with a difficult decision: spend a tonne of money to repair the car, or cut your losses and sell your MOT failure.

Sometimes it’s a better financial decision to sell your MOT failure for scrap metal; if your car has recently failed its MOT, you might be on the lookout for a way you can offload some of the costs of having to buy a replacement car.

"A&L Scrap Car Dealers buy cars in any condition, even cars without their MOT or that have failed their latest MOT."
A&L Scrap Car Deals will buy your MOT failure and responsibly recycle it
Here at A&L, we buy cars in any condition – we are even happy to buy cars that have failed their latest MOT, or cars with expired MOTs. Although cars that do not have an MOT cannot be driven, but they can still be sold! If you’re looking to sell your MOT failure car, we’re the people to call.

A&L Scrap Car Dealers will buy your MOT failure and responsibly recycle it, giving you some funds towards your replacement car. Not only is selling your MOT failure car a wise financial decision, it’s also the environmentally friendly thing.
A&L Scrap Car Dealers will buy your MOT failure and responsibly recycle it
Contact A&L Vehicle Recycling to get a price estimate and arrange fast and free collection of your MOT failure car.

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Selling your MOT failure FAQs

Can I sell my car without a valid MOT?

It’s perfectly legal to sell your vehicle without an MOT, whether you’re selling it to a vehicle recycling centre like A&L, or to a dealership – just remember to be candid and upfront about the state of the vehicle!

Can you drive a car with no MOT?

No, it is not legal to drive in any vehicle that does not currently have a valid MOT. The only exception is if you’re driving your vehicle to a pre-booked MOT test at an authorised test centre.

Since cars that have not passed an MOT in the last year cannot be driven on the road, you may be interested in our free scrap car collection service, with same-day collection available depending on the time and location of your call.

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