can I drive my car to the scrap yard if it failed the MOT

If you’d like to scrap your car because it’s failed its recent MOT but you’re not sure how the whole process works, you’re in the right place!

This handy guide explains everything you need to know about getting your MOT failure to the scrap yard once you’ve arranged to sell it.


Can I drive my car to be scrapped if it’s failed its MOT?

No. You cannot drive your car to be scrapped if it has failed its MOT. Once you’ve organised for your car to be sold to a scrap yard, the only safe way to get it there is to arrange for it to be collected by the scrap dealer.

Driving a car anywhere without a valid MOT is not permitted, unless your situation falls under the following exceptions to the rule:

  • You’re driving your car to a pre-arranged MOT test at an authorised test centre

  • You’re driving your car to a pre-arranged garage appointment to repair it

It’s important that these appointments are pre-arranged so that they can be confirmed by the company you’re using should you need to prove this for any reason.

Even if you do meet the above criteria, your car also needs to be in a roadworthy condition and you must have special cover from your insurance company.


Arranging your MOT failure to be collected

While it’s perfectly legal to sell your car without a valid MOT, it’s very important that you do not attempt to drive it to the scrap yard yourself.

Fortunately, we at A&L Vehicle Recycling can collect your car from you. Our scrap car collection service is FREE of charge and, depending on the time of your call and your location, we can even offer same-day pickup!

On the day of collection, we just need you to have the following items ready:

  • Proof of identity

  • Keys (including the locking wheel nut, electronic keys and security codes) if you have them

  • Documents (such as logbook, service history, MOT certificate and manuals) if you have them

We also kindly ask you to please remove all personal belongings and rubbish from the car.

Once we arrive, we will:

  • Check that your car matches your quote

  • Check and take a copy of the identification provided

  • Take care of all DVLA paperwork

  • Sort payment

To arrange for your MOT failure to be collected, get in touch with us today at the link below. A member of our team will be happy to arrange a collection at a time that suits you.

Arrange a Collection


MOT failure FAQs

What if I get caught driving without a valid MOT?

If you were to drive your car after failing the MOT, there would likely be serious consequences. Typically this offence will result in a fine of up to £1,000 which could increase if your vehicle is in a particularly dangerous condition. You could also be looking at points on your license or even being banned from driving.


How much can I get for scrapping my MOT failure?

Here at A&L Scrap Car Dealers, we can offer top prices even for a vehicle that has a reached the end of its life.

If you decide to sell your MOT failure to us, we will take into consideration the age and condition of the car (as well as any repairs needed) when providing you with a quote.

To find out how much your car could be worth, simply provide us with your postcode and registration and we can give you a free, no-obligation quote.

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