average scrap car value

In the world of scrap car dealing, 2021 came to a close with the average scrap car value at £260. In only the second quarter of 2022, the average scrap car price has already risen to near £358, and it's showing no sign of slowing any time soon!

Why Has the Average Scrap Price Increased?

Many factors can impact the value of a scrap car, such as the make, the condition of the car, the location of the sale, and the demand for the metal itself.


If your car has failed its MOT, has been written off in an accident, or just isn’t worth the costs of repairs anymore, you may be considering scrapping your car.

For some, scrapping a car is the most financially viable step to take when a car is approaching the end of its life span. No matter what your motivations are, if you’re thinking of scrapping your car, you might be looking for information on the different rules and regulations surrounding the process.