2022 was known as the 'great boom' for electric vehicles. There were over 7.1 million electric vehicles in use all over the globe.

This has left many people wondering can you scrap electric cars?


Can I Scrap My Electric Car?

The short answer is: yes! You can scrap an electric car but only at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). This a location where staff have to be put through additional training to ensure that they can scrap electric vehicles safely and efficiently. 


How is an Electric Car Different to a Conventional Vehicle?

An electric vehicle (EV) is different to a conventional vehicle due to the safety risks that occur during the scrapping process

A conventional vehicle, also called an internal combustion engine (ICE), is much safer to scrap than an electric vehicle. 


Why is an Electric Vehicle Difficult to Scrap? 

The main reason why electric vehicles are difficult to scrap is because of their lithium-ion battery. This can be an extremely dangerous task, as lithium-ion is highly reactive and flammable. It can also ignite and is potentially explosive when exposed to air and water!

This is not an easy task and it's important that trained professionals handle the recycling of the lithium-ion battery safely and efficiently, otherwise the effects can be harmful to the environment, and all people involved within the scrapping process.

The other reason is the obvious risk of electrocution. With most electric cars operating at 400-800 volts, it's important that trained professionals tackle the battery to ensure minimal risk and injury. 

To show just how serious the risk is, humans have died at as low as 42 volts, so it is strongly advised that a professional car breaker scraps your car. 


Scrap Your Electric Car with A&L

At A&L Vehicle Recycling scrap yard, we are proud to be an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). We have been licensed and registered with the DVLA for over 10 years. We are the car scrappers you can trust.

For your peace of mind, our car scrap yard is registered with Natural Resource Wales (permit number: AP3095FU). We will also issue a Certificate of Destruction which will be registered with the DVLA to instantly mark your car as scrapped. 

Scrap Your Electric Car