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If you're getting rid of your vehicle, then you may visit a car breakers (also called a scrapyard). Here's everything you need to know about a car breakers so you can scrap your car with ease!


What Do Car Breakers Do?

A car breaker, or a car breaker's yard, is a scrapyard where old cars are broken down and stored. For instance, if you are in a crash and your vehicle gets written off, it's likely that your vehicle will then be sold to a car breakers where it will be broken down and salvaged for any working parts. If you sell your car to a car breakers, then you're likely to receive payment for your car parts in return!

So, what do car breakers actually do and what is the process of scrapping a car? Take a look at the steps below...

1. The wheels of the car get removed.

2. The car gets stripped of its harmful chemicals (such as steering fluid, coolants, fuel, and engine oil).

3. Time to start salvaging! All intact parts that are valuable will be removed from the car (such as the headlights and wing mirrors).

4. Preparation for the baler. The ceiling of the car will be crushed, and a crane will remove the back axle and engine (these are very valuable materials!).

5. Crush time - the car will be placed in the baler and crushed to the smallest possible volume.


Car Breaker or Scrapyard? 

This is a very common question amongst the general public, but there is no difference between a car breaker and a scrapyard. Both a car breaker and a scrapyard will salvage car parts that can be reused or recycled. In return, you get compensation for your vehicle (amount can vary depending on the vehicle age and condition).


Should I Use a Car Breaker?

Many people choose to take their car to a car breakers because it's often a cheaper alternative to repairing, keeping, or maintaining it. For instance, your car may cost more to run than its resale value; in this case, the best option would be to submit your vehicle to a car breakers. It's also a great option because it's likely that your car parts will be reused or recycled, which is an environmental advantage!


Here are the most common signs that it might be time for you to take your car to a car breakers...

  • Your car repairs cost more than the car itself
  • Your car has been written off
  • You're ready for a upgrade
  • Your car is no longer running efficiently or safely
  • Your car is unsellable

If you are thinking about taking your car to a car breaker's, make sure you follow the UK government's car scrapping guidelines or you may be fined £1000!


Looking For Experienced Car Breakers?

Here at A&L we have decades of experience breaking down and recycling unwanted cars, and we want to make your scrap car sale as smooth as possible. We do all the heavy lifting for you since most car parts are hard to remove, and if you attempt to remove them and do it wrong, you risk drastically decreasing their resale value.

Not only that, incorrectly recycling an expired vehicle can be harmful to the environment. We are committed to responsible recycling, so when you choose A&L Vehicle Recycling, you can rest assured that your materials are being disposed of in a sustainable and responsible way.

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