what are the most valuable parts of a scrap car 

We’ve scrapped a lot of cars in our time, and you’d be surprised at how much even a complete write-off can be worth. But one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and just because one part of the car is severely damaged doesn’t mean that the rest can’t salvaged.

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So what are the most valuable parts of a scrap car? Which parts remain valuable even when the car itself is no longer roadworthy? Let’s have a look…


1. Doors, windows and mirrors


These parts may not seem like they’d be all that valuable, but consider this: a car’s doors, windows and mirrors are far more prone to scuffs and damage than the internal parts.

In the unfortunate event of an accident—even a minor bump—these parts are likely to be affected due to their location.

In this scenario, the most logical decision would be to replace the parts that have been damaged, especially if the rest of the car is working fine. This makes doors, windows and mirrors some of the most sought-after car parts of all.


2. Catalytic converters


Not many cars made before 1975 are still in use, which means that almost every single car on the road nowadays has a catalytic converter. You may have heard of its mysterious honeycomb structure, but what actually makes this part so expensive?

Catalytic converters contain precious metals—rare, naturally-occurring metallic chemical elements that hold high economic value. Precious metals found in a catalytic converter include rhodium, platinum and palladium.

These metals are essential in the process of filtering and lowering the toxic fumes emitted from a car. But their rarity means that catalytic converters are in very high demand; it has even become quite common to have your catalytic converter stolen!


3. Car bumpers


Much like doors, windows and mirrors, car bumpers are among the parts most likely to be damaged in a collision. This is because the bumper is responsible for protecting the front and back of your car. Most car bumpers are made of plastic, aluminium, steel and fibreglass.

Bumpers must be replaced straight away after an incident, so there is a lot of demand for bumpers that are in good condition.


4. Seats


Arguably one of the easiest parts of a vehicle to remove, car seats are subjected to a lot of punishment throughout their lifetime. Think about the rips, stains and even burns that can affect car seats over years of use.

Given that they are so easy to replace, car seats can fetch a decent price when sold.


5. Engines


This is probably the most expensive part of a car to replace in its entirety. So much so that when an engine decides to clunk out, drivers are often torn between replacing it and buying a whole new car.

If your unwanted car has an engine that’s still in good working order, this can make the vehicle a far more enticing prospect to scrappers.


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