Scrap my van - get cash for your unwanted scrap van. Online quote for your scrap van in seconds, free collection available

Got an unwanted van on your hands? Whether your van is an MOT failure, has been written off in an accident, or simply isn’t worth the costs to repair and maintain, you can get some quick cash for your scrap van with A&L Vehicle Recycling.

We make the process of selling your van for scrap easy from start to finish. To get a FAST and FREE quote for your scrap van, simply enter in your vehicle registration and your postcode into our handy scrap van value calculator to get an instant online quote. We can pick up your van and take it away whenever is most convenient for you, and you’ll get your money on the same day.


I want to scrap my van - how does it work?

Scrapping your van with A&L is a simple 4-step process:

  • Step 1: Enter your car registration and postcode
  • Step 2: We give you an instant quote
  • Step 3: Review details and accept quote
  • Step 4: Arrange collection and receive your money

The quote you receive is instant, free and there's no obligation to proceed.

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Why scrap your van with A&L?

Our scrap yard is an authorised treatment facility (ATF) so you can be safe in the knowledge we will be doing everything right.

ATFs are monitored by Natural Resources Wales and subject to the End of Life Vehicle Regulations of 2005. What this means is that the facility has to utilise environmentally-friendly drainage and disposal systems to stop harmful chemicals leaking into the water table and soil.

An ATF will also give you an official Certificate of Destruction. This means your vehicle has been properly destroyed in the most environmentally-friendly way possible, and that you are no longer liable for it.

Here at A&L Vehicle Recycling, we take any vehicle in any condition. So, if you need to scrap your van, get a quote with us today.


Why should I scrap my van?

You should scrap your van if...

  • The upkeep costs are no longer worthwhile. If the value of the van comes to less than the maintenance costs, or it keeps getting new faults and the MOT is returned with one too many fixes, you may decide it's no longer economical to maintain.

  • Repairs cost more than the value of the van - if your van is in an accident, and the cost of repairs is more than the value of the van, you may decide to cut your losses and scrap it.

  • You want to get rid of your van without selling it - selling a vehicle is a hassle even at the best of times, but scrapping it with A&L Vehicle Recycling takes just a few clicks before we take it off your hands.

  • You don't use it and don't want it any more - sometimes it's as simple as that!

So, if the costs are mounting up, you may be better off scrapping your van and putting the money you receive towards a new one.


What documents do I need to scrap my van?

At A&L Vehicle Recycling, we are a fully authorised treatment facility, so recycling with us is quick and easy. You don’t even have to provide us with keys to your van - but we'll take them if you have them! 

We will need to see some documentation though, just to make sure we're taking the right vehicle from the right person:

  • a form of photo ID
  • proof of address

We will also check that the vehicle matches the quote. If you have them, we will also take all the relevant vehicle documents from you, including:

  • V5C log book
  • service history
  • MOT certificate
  • manuals

You don't have to have these documents for us to take your van away, but it makes the whole process much easier if you do.

Before we take it away, however, you need to inform the DVLA of your decision. This will require the 11-digit reference from your most recent vehicle log book. Check out this handy blog to learn more about how log books affect scrapping your vehicle.


What happens when I scrap my van?

Once you’re happy with your quote, we can come and collect your van. Make sure you have retrieved all your personal belongings from the vehicle before this happens! This includes the number plate, personalised or otherwise, in case you want to keep it.

When we’ve got your van, we’ll begin the process of turning it into scrap. We’ll take the wheels off and separate the rubber tyres from the metal. Then we remove the fuel, and strip the vehicle of any harmful or dangerous chemicals. At this point, any potentially valuable parts that are still intact, like headlights and catalytic converters, are removed to ensure they can be sold on as needed.

The van is then placed in the baler and crushed so that it can be sold on as scrap.

Any parts that are removed before the van goes can then go into the recycling process. Your windshield and windows can become new glass bottles or new windows, while the precious metals commonly found in catalytic converters might just end up in some jewellery. Car tyres can be made into asphalt, while any plastics can be melted down and made into things like garden furniture or household bins. Read more about what happens to scrapped cars here.