Does my car have to be cleaned before I scrap it?

No, your car doesn’t need to be clean before you scrap it, but all personal belongings and rubbish will need to be removed. Unfortunately, items that are left in the car cannot be returned.


Preparing your car for scrapping

In order to help the scrapping process go smoothly, try to hand over your car in as good a condition as possible. While it doesn’t need to be sparkling clean, it’ll make it much easier for us to dispose of your old car if it isn’t full of rubbish and personal belongings.

You might think it pointless to clear out your car before sending it to the scrap yard, but a car that’s full of stuff is difficult to recycle. The car breakers will have to spend time removing everything you’ve left inside, making the process take far longer than necessary.


What can I leave in my car when scrapping it?

When clearing out your car to be scrapped, make sure you leave all permanent features of the car intact. This includes the steering wheel, seats, seatbelts, gear stick, etc.

We kindly ask that you do remove any non-essential items such as empty food and drink containers, clothing, shoes, electrical products, car accessories and other personal belongings.

Any spare tyres or wheel trims can be left with your car if you wish.

Top tip: make sure you check the glove compartment, any pockets in the seats, cup holders, door storage and centre console for rubbish and personal items before handing over the keys.


Do I need to wash my car before scrapping it?

No, it’s not necessary to wash the outside or scrub the inside of your car before leaving it with us to be scrapped. All we ask is that you leave it free of rubbish and personal belongings.


Scrapping your car with A&L Vehicle Recycling

Here at A&L, we buy cars in any condition - just make sure all non-essential items are removed beforehand.

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