is there a car scrappage scheme in wales

SHORT ANSWER: No, there is currently no government-funded car scrappage scheme in Wales.

Since their introduction in 2009, scrappage schemes have been a great way for motorists to trade in older, more pollutive vehicles for a discount on newer, more eco-friendly vehicles. As of November 2023, the Welsh Government has no such scheme in place.


What Is a Scrappage Scheme?

Car scrappage schemes allow motorists to part-exchange their old cars for new ones, handing over their current vehicle in exchange for a discount on their next.

Scrappage schemes are mainly intended to persuade motorists to part ways with petrol and diesel cars in favour of newer, cleaner vehicles like hybrids and electric cars (or sometimes just a more fuel-efficient model).

The first UK scrappage scheme was introduced in 2009, giving motorists £2,000 towards a new vehicle when they scrapped a car that was 10 years old or more. This cost was divided evenly between the government and manufacturers, and the scheme lasted ten months.

Since then, the idea has mainly become the responsibility of vehicle manufacturers. Currently, Renault and Tesla are the only manufacturers in Britain offering a scrappage scheme. Renault’s scheme is purely a ‘new for old’ scheme and offers motorists discounts on most of the current range, including up to £2,000 off a Renault Arkana.

Tesla’s scheme allows anyone with a petrol or diesel car that is worth less than £2000 to trade it in for money towards a new Model 3 or Model Y. The scheme will match the value of the car, and then also put an additional £2000 towards the new vehicle. So, if your car is worth a thousand pounds, Tesla will give you £1000 and add an extra £2000 to net you a £3000 discount on your new car.


Scrappage Schemes in the UK

Other than the Renault and Tesla schemes, only London and Birmingham are currently running scrappage schemes. Both are targeting drivers who want to upgrade to vehicles compliant with Ultra Low Emission Zones in those cities. The schemes are also intended to persuade motorists to use public transport instead of driving, by providing credit covering the cost of season tickets on public transport. 


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