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Yes! If you are planning to scrap your vehicle but you've lost the keys, fear not: you can still scrap your car without keys.

We'll take your car without keys if you don't have them, you'll just need to provide a few documents to prove that you own the car and/or are  permitted to scrap it. Get a free scrap car quote here.


How can I scrap my car without the keys?

When you scrap your vehicle, the car breakers do not need to get inside and drive it. If we're picking it up from you, we will winch it onto our recovery truck. At the scrap yard, it will go through the depollution process, and then it's ready to be crushed.

When we call you to discuss your quote, we may ask if you have your keys, but we will buy cars without keys.


What do I need to scrap my car?

As long as you have told the DVLA that your car is being scrapped, and you have a valid form of photographic ID that sets out your full residential address (or a formal document like a utility bill AND a form of photographic ID) you can scrap your car without any additional documentation.

However, many scrap dealers will not accept your car if you do not have a Vehicle Registration Document (V5C) as well as the above forms of identification. Here at A&L, we will take your car without seeing the V5C - but having it with you will make the selling process much easier and faster. So it's best to have all documentation with you if possible.


Scrap car FAQs

If you don't need keys or a V5C to scrap your car, you may be wondering what you do need. Our minimum requirements for providing a scrap car quote are as follows:

  • You can provide photographic ID and proof of address
  • There are no outstanding finance charges on the vehicle
  • The car or van is free of waste, rubbish, and personal items
  • The car or van has no more than 9 seats
  • The car or van is accessible for collection (parked on solid ground with inflated tyres)

If you are unable to meet these minimum requirements, we may have to re-evaluate your initial quote.

If you have any other queries about your quote, or about our process for scrapping a car, don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll do our best to answer!

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Image source: Pixabay