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As we move towards a greener, cleaner future, lots of people are deciding to scrap their old cars and upgrade to something more economical. That got us thinking - what were the most scrapped cars of 2022? Well, after a bit of research, we've pulled together a list of the most scrapped cars of 2022, so if you're curious, just keep reading!

The most scrapped car of 2022 was the Ford Focus!

Ford Focuses have been on our roads since 1998, which might give you a good idea of why they're the most scrapped car of 2022 (and 2021). There's no doubt that these reliable little compact cars have been a firm favourite amongst new drivers and families for decades. They're cheap and they're reliable!

It's reported that both the Ford Focus and the Ford Fiesta could be discontinued as soon as 2025, with Ford pushing towards electrification and streamlining its portfolio. Will you be sad to see the Ford Focus go?

What other cars were scrapped in 2022?

As far as the top ten scrapped cars of 2022 go, you might be surprised to see some premium brands like BMW on the list! the top 5 spots are dominated by Ford and Vauxhall, but there are certainly some surprises further down the list. Let's break it down...

2 - Vauxhall Corsa

3 - Vauxhall Astra

4 - Ford Fiesta

5 - Volkswagen Golf

6 - BMW 3 Series

7 - Ford Transit

8 - Mini Hatch (Cooper/One)

9 - Vauxhall Zafira

10 - Renault Clio

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