SHORT ANSWER: Yes, you can scrap a car with no wheels - but you may receive a lower payout for it.

Scrapping a car often happens after an accident. If your car gets so damaged that the repairs would cost more than the car's total value, your insurers might well suggest you write it off and sell it for scrap. But will scrap car dealers even accept a car that's damaged beyond recognition?

Car without wheels

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The answer, you'll be pleased to learn, is yes - even if the car is missing crucial parts. One question that we frequently receive here at A&L Vehicle Recycling is 'can I scrap my car if this or that part is missing'. In the vast majority of cases, we will be happy to take your car no matter how bad the damage is.

However, we will ask you about the condition of your car when we call to discuss your quote, as this may impact how much money we're able to offer for it.

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Scrapping a car with no wheels

If your car does not have wheels, this will have an effect on its accessibility, which may force us to offer a lower price for it.

When we collect your car, we need it to be accessible, i.e. parked on solid ground with inflated tyres. That way, we can easily and safely winch it onto our recovery vehicle.

Collecting a car without wheels requires the use of a crane, rather than the winch we normally use, so this would make the collection process more complicated.

On top of this, a car's weight is a major determining factor when calculating its scrap value. Without wheels, your car will be lighter than normal, meaning you'll get less money for it.

For all of these reasons, you may want to consider investing in some second-hand wheels and fitting them to your old banger before you scrap it. This will mean it can roll onto the recovery vehicle, which makes collection much easier and increases the value of the quote (which will hopefully cover the cost of the wheels).

If you have any other questions about scrapping your car, don't hesitate to get in touch! We will be more than happy to assist you.

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