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If you're looking to scrap your car for cash, you're obviously going to wonder how you'll receive your payment. Scrap car parts have high value, and they can make you a lot of money if you have a sought-after car part, make or model. 

So, is it illegal to pay in cash for a scrap car? This blog will tell you all you need to know...


Can I Be Paid in Cash For a Scrap Car?

Authorised Treatment Facilities (scrapyards, vehicle dismantlers, breaker's yards etc.) are legally not allowed to pay cash in exchange for a scrap car. This is to reduce the risk of metal theft which is a nifty way for car dealers to make fast and easy cash. 

If you fail to abide by the law which is set out in the revised Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 2013, you could land yourself a hefty fine of up to £5000. You could also get your ATF scrap metal licence removed instantly.


Why Can't I Get Paid in Cash For a Scrap Car?

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act was revised in 2013 to create strict conditions for scrap car dealers to follow in order to keep keep their trading licences. This was done in an attempt to 'remove the rewards that make metal theft such a low risk criminal enterprise', according to the UK Government. With 30,114 metal theft offences recorded in England and Wales over 2021/22, metal theft crime rates are at their highest ever since 2013/14.

The abolishment of cash payments for scrap cars also ensures that the car scrapping process stays safe and effective. Cash payments are anonymous, untraceable, and leave no trackable 'footprint', so there would be no legal protection available if anything were to go wrong with the transaction as it was done against the law.

You are also not permitted to pay for a scrap car using: 

  • Foreign currency (must be legal UK tender)
  • Electronic vouchers
  • Virtual currencies (such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and XRP)
  • Supermarket gift cards
  • Postal orders

When we at A&L Scrap Car Dealers pay money for a scrap car (or any other type of scrap metal), we are required to make sure that the transaction can be traced back to both the buyer and seller to legally protect ourselves, and our customers.


What is The Scrap Metal Dealers Act?

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act first came into legislation in 1964, but it was revised in 2013 to add new conditions regarding payment for scrap metal parts. These new revisions stated that it is now a criminal offence to pay for scrap metal in cash.

The legislation states that a scrap dealer can only pay for a scrap car through non-transferable cheque (to ensure that it goes to the correct party) or by electronic transfer via debit or credit card.


How Can I Get Paid for My Scrap Car?

Don't worry - we know that the most important part of car scrapping is getting the money in your hand! 

To get money for your scrap car, simply pop your registration number into the form at the bottom of this page. We will then send you a no-obligation quote which will be tailored to your specific vehicle. It's important to note that your scrap car's value will depend on its age and condition. 

If you choose to accept our quote (don't worry, we won't be too offended if you choose not to!), we will then pay you for your scrap car by cheque or electronic transfer. If you have a preference, simply let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. 


Get Money for Your Scrap Car

We want to make your scrap car sale as smooth as possible, so we do all the heavy lifting for you. We are also heavily committed to responsible recycling, so when you choose A&L Vehicle Recycling, you can rest assured that your materials are being disposed of in a sustainable and responsible way. And, even better, we'll pay you for it!

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