A car being scrapped in a scrap car facility

You may be wondering why car owners choose to scrap their beloved vehicle. Car scrapping is actually extremely efficient, and everyone benefits from it (well, maybe not the car)!

There are lots of reasons to scrap your car, but you'll most likely resonate with the following:

  1. Your car is beyond repair
  2. Your car has little value
  3. You need to get rid of your car quickly
  4. Your car is no longer road-worthy
  5. You could do with the cash

Keep reading to learn more about why scrapping your car is worthwhile...


1. Your car is beyond repair

One of the main reasons why people choose to scrap their cars is because it isn't worth repairing. This is especially common for drivers than have been in an incident or their recent MOT has returned with countless fixes and charges. At this point, you have to start to wonder whether your vehicle is worth the cost of repair. 

For some people, the answer is a solid 'no' - resulting in their vehicle coming straight to the scrapyard. In these cases, it saves money and it's a quick and efficient way to dispose of a faulty and expensive vehicle. 

For some perspective, here are some examples of average quotes for car repair work

  • Brake Repairs - £316.89
  • Clutch Replacement - £454
  • Dent Removal - £454.77 
  • Scratch Repair - £418.61
  • Battery Replacement - £137
  • Gearbox Repair - £381.75
  • Exhaust Repair - £107.53

Now, imagine receiving a bill for all these issues that need fixing on your vehicle. In total, you'll be looking at a cost of £2270.55


2. Your car has little value

If you bought your current vehicle during a trend-setting craze, you may find that your car has lost its value over time. For instance, research from carVertical revealed the top 5 most depreciating car brands of 2022: 

  • Chrysler: -96.8%
  • Audi: -96.2%
  • Seat: -95.8%
  • Skoda: -95%
  • Infiniti: -94.7%

In this instance, a Chrysler model will lose the most value on the market over a duration of 25 years. 

Alternatively, you may have bought a cheap car to start off with. Maybe as your first car, or as a car to tide you over for the time being. In cases like these, it's less hassle for the owner to hand the car over to a scrapyard in exchange for money. 


3. You need to get rid of your car quickly

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes you may just need to get rid of your car quickly. Instead of going through the process of putting your car on the market through car-selling websites and social media, and then going through the ebbs and flows of potential buyers, you could opt for a quick initial conversation with a scrapyard about a quote for your car. After that, they'll do all the hard work for you from there.

You'll even get some cash to walk away with at the end of the transaction. What a bonus!

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4. Your car is no longer road-worthy

If your car has been written off, this means it is either beyond repair, too expensive to fix, or both! 

Depending on the extent of the damage to your car, you may not be able to drive it on the road ever again, even if you've attempted to repair it. In these circumstances, the best option is to seek out an authorised treatment facility (ATF) to get rid of your vehicle efficiently.


5. You could do with the cash

Let's be honest - sometimes you just need the extra cash. Of course, no one's going to start scrapping their brand new 2023 model, but you may wish to scrap your car in exchange for a financial reward.

You can get an instant quote for your scrap car on our website, but the price will depend on your car's make, age and condition. If your car is in good condition, then you could receive just as much money as you would if you'd traded it in at a dealership!

Even if your car is in an awful state, it's extremely likely that it will have a scrap value. And, luckily for you, we offer top prices for car disposal. 

We will pay you for your scrap car either by cheque or electronic transfer (if you have a preference, just let us know!). For any other questions, you can check out our scrap car FAQs or get in touch with our team.


Scrap Your Car with A&L Vehicle Recycling

At A&L, we are extremely proud of our authorised treatment facility status - but what does this mean for you and your scrap car?

It means that you can trust us to do our bit for the environment. As an authorised treatment facility in Cardiff, we will recycle and/or dispose of your scrap car in the most responsible and sustainable way. 

To scrap your car, click below to get an INSTANT, NO-OBLIGATION quote. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with any questions and queries you may have (make sure to check our scrap car FAQs first, though!). 

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