Car with foreign number plate

Yes, it’s possible to scrap an imported car in the UK, as long as it has fully completed the import process and has been officially registered and taxed in the UK.


Can I scrap a temporary import?

If you have been driving your car in the UK for less than six months and it’s still registered in another country, then your car is classed as a temporary import.

If you decide you want to scrap that car in the UK, you’ll need to find out what the specific regulations are in the country where it’s registered.

If you are able to legally scrap your car in the UK, be sure to inform the registered country once your vehicle has been destroyed. To do this you’ll need to provide a Certificate of Destruction, which should be given to you by the scrap car dealer. This document officially proves that your vehicle has been scrapped.

If you do no not let the relevant motoring governing body know when you’ve scrapped your car, you could face several fines.


How to scrap a car in the UK

To dispose of your vehicle safely and legally in the UK, you’ll need to scrap it at an authorised treatment facility (ATF) – a title given to registered scrap yards and breaker's yards.

ATFs are permitted to carry out the dismantling and disposal of electronic waste in line with specific safety rules and regulations.

Here at A&L Vehicle Recycling, we are committed to responsible recycling. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your materials are being disposed of in a sustainable and responsible way.

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