Can you scrap a car that's not in your name?

In order to crack down on cars being stolen and sold for scrap, the government have introduced stricter regulations surrounding the scrap market in the last decade or so.

These days, if you want to scrap a car, you’ll have to prove that the vehicle is yours to proceed. This makes it a lot more difficult for criminals to sell stolen cars to scrap dealers.

However, there are plenty of lawful reasons why someone might want to scrap a car on behalf of someone else. In these cases, there are ways around it. Keep reading to find out how.


Scrapping a car that isn’t in your name

It is possible to scrap a car that’s in someone else’s name; you just need to provide certain documents that prove you have permission to do so from the car’s owner.

Here’s what you’ll need to show the scrap dealer:

  • Photo ID of the car’s owner
  • The V5C signed by the owner
  • Proof of address of the owner
  • A letter from the owner to show you have their permission to scrap the car

If someone has passed away unexpectedly and you are now in possession of their car, you can still scrap it without a letter of permission. In these circumstances you can provide the same documents as stated above but with the addition of a copy of their death certificate if possible.

Click here for further information on what documents you need to scrap a car.


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