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You must make a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) if you are taking a vehicle off the road. Read on to find out more.

What Is a SORN?

A Statutory Off Road Notification is precisely what it says it is: a notification that your vehicle is off the road.

This is sadly not for going off-roading through rugged terrain, but for a vehicle you no longer intend to use, or keep, on the road.

When to SORN a Car

You must make a SORN if:

• You want to break a vehicle down for parts before you scrap it
• Your vehicle is not currently taxed
• Your vehicle is not currently insured – even if the policy is only out of action for a couple of days.
• You will not be using your vehicle for an extended time – like if you’re heading to university, for example.

How to SORN a Car

If you’re not using your vehicle, you must tell the DVLA. You can write to them, email, or phone them. You can apply online, using either the 11-digit code in your vehicle log book or the 16-digit reference number on the vehicle tax reminder.

You can still drive a vehicle with a SORN, but only to or from a pre-booked MOT or other testing appointment. Driving a vehicle with a SORN for any other reason could lead to a fine of up to £2,500!

If you don’t declare your vehicle off-road, you could face an automatic fine of £80. Declaring a SORN is free, so you could save yourself a lot of legal hassle by telling the DVLA. You will also be refunded any outstanding road tax, so you really are getting a better deal by following the rules.

Do I Need a SORN For My Car?

You only need a SORN for your car if you aren’t planning to use it. You’ll need to keep it on private property, like a driveway, a garage, or on a private road.

If you use your vehicle every day, and park it in a garage or driveway at night, you don’t need to SORN your vehicle.

When it comes to scrapping your vehicle, you only need a SORN if you remove parts from it to sell individually or to hold on to and install in a new vehicle (like the radio). You do not need a SORN if you just want to scrap your vehicle.

Please note: You will need to tell the DVLA if your insurers declare the vehicle a write-off and have it scrapped, but you don’t need to acquire a SORN.

If you have any queries about Statutory Off Road Notifications, get in touch and our customer care team will be happy to help.

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