When to scrap your car

There comes a time when even the best car reaches the end of its life, whether it‘s written off in a crash or simply growing old gracefully.
Whatever the reason, when the time comes it can be hard to know what to do with your old car.

To help you decide, here are 4 signs that it’s time to scrap it.


Your car has been written off

A car will be written off for one of two reasons: 1) it is damaged beyond repair or 2) the repairs would cost more than the car is worth. If your car has been written off, your best bet is to scrap it and put the money towards a new one.


Your car is old

If your car is older than 12 years and/or has over 100,000 miles on the clock, you might be considering trading it in for a newer model.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t get very much for it in a part-exchange. However, scrapping it could earn you a nice little deposit to put towards your next car.


Your car has little value

All cars depreciate in value, but some lose value quicker than others. According to UK car reviewer , the top 5 fastest-depreciating car brands are:

  1. Mercedes-Maybach GLS
  2. Fiat Tipo
  3. Lexus LS
  4. DS 9
  5. Maserati Quattroporte

If you bought your car at the height of its trendiness, you may find that just a few years on, it has lost a lot of its value.

Alternatively, your car might have been cheap to begin with and worth very little now. In these cases, it’s much easier to hand it over to a scrap dealer than to find a buyer.


You need to get rid of your car fast

Putting your car on the market and waiting for someone to make an offer can be a long-drawn-out process. If you’re in a hurry, the fastest way to get rid of your car is by selling it for scrap.

Here at A&L Vehicle Recycling, we can give you a quote and arrange a collection within 24 hours!


Scrap your car with A&L Vehicle Recycling

If you decide that scrapping your car is the best option for you, you must seek out an authorised treatment facility (ATF) to get rid of your vehicle legally and efficiently.

Here at A&L, we will buy cars in any condition, including damaged cars and cars with high mileage. Simply click below to receive your quote.

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